Check In/Out Instructions, House Rules, and FAQ's

Check In Instructions & FAQ's

Welcome to the Historic Victorian Inn!  Thank you for booking with us. We are looking forward to your stay. Please read through the following and let us know if you have any questions. 

Check In (5:00pm-9:00pm):  Please enter the door code sent to you that will work on front entry and your Suite/Room door.  Door code usage instructions are on label near door keypad.  Walk through the common areas and your Suite/Room upon entering and let us know if you have any questions.  Early Check In @ 1:00PM or 3:00PM can be requested up to 7 days prior to check in date for a pre-determined rate.  You are only eligible for Early Check In after verifying property availability, cleaning staff availability, early check in fee payment, and owner approval.  Staff availability will be limited after published Check In times. 

Parking:  Street parking on Duluth Ave in front of house.  Four parking spots on Northside of parking lot near garden shed are available behind property.  When using parking lot beind property please park car facing East/West, between lines and do not park or block the neighbors driveways, garage doors or the alley behind the house. One spot on the Southside of parking lot next to garage is reserved for EV vehicles overnight charging. Any unauthorized non-guest vehicles or vehicles blocking access to an EV charging spot will be towed. 

Bikes:  Secure bike storage available in upon request. Please do not bring bikes into your room or lock them up outside the property.  Please contact owner in advance to have code setup for charging station access.

EV Charging:  We have two Tesla Destination changers available for guest use at south end of parking area.  Please contact owner in advance to coordinate access codes for EV chargers.

Suites/Rooms:  1st Floor: Gold Suite, 2nd Floor: Wine Suite, White Suite, Red Suite, Blue Room. 3rd Floor North Loft, East Loft, South Loft. If needed extra linens, blankets, and pillows are in 2nd floor hall closet. There are wine glasses, water glasses, and coffee cups in each Suite.

Security System: Security system control panel is located in the parlor to right of fireplace.  Do not unplug or touch unless there is a medical, fire, or police emergency.  First responders will be immediately be dispatched.  Cameras are monitoring common areas for your protection. If the alarms are going off at property and it is a non emergency please text and call owner immediately to let them know the situation because they will likely be receiving a call or alert shortly from security company and need to make a split second decision on weather to dispatch first responders.

Guest WiFi:  Network and password information will be sent via text after check in.

Heating/Cooling:  Temperature is difficult to regulate in a large historic property; therefore, the thermostat is locked and on a seasonal daily schedule.  The Heating/Cooling system is preset to adjust temp based on outside temp, season, and activity.  Blankets and oscillating fans are provided in each room to allow guests to help guests personalize temperature to thier own needs. If outside doors/windows are left open, the Heating/Cooling system will automatically bump up/down temperature then eventually shut off if doors or windows are left open for an extended period of time.  This is done when it is warm and humid to protect Heating/Cooling system from damage due to system overload.  Doors/Windows left open in the cooler months will lead to excessive heating costs and freezing/breaking pipes.  Leaving outside windows or doors open is explicitly against house rules.  For guest safety whenever the fire alarm goes off it does automatically shut off the heating/cooling system and will need to be turned back on manually by the owner.

TV & Music:  Roku TV's located in all guest rooms with Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, Pandora, Sirus XM, and more.  Local channels are available via Hulu (KELO-CBS, KSFY-ABC, KDLT-NBC, KTTW-FOX).  Live TV available on Sling TV and Hulu. Roku is used in Guest Mode and you are free to login using your own streaming accounts.

Bathrooms:  There are common area bathrooms on 2nd and 3rd floors. Wine, Red, White and Gold Suites have private baths. Towels are located within your room. Do not leave toiletries or personal items in common area bathrooms. Please do not try to put flushable wipes or feminine hygiene products down toilet.

Dishwasher:  We recommend only using gel not powder or gel packs in dishwasher for best results. 

Kitchen: Please utilize shared kitchen space  primarily for meal preparation, cooking, and cleaning up afterwards. If you want to eat use dining room and gather afterwards please use parlor. Remember this is an equally shared eminity for all guests. Please clean and replace pots/pans, dishes, utensils where you found it in cupboards and drawers immediately following meal. Please only use  plasticware/paper plates and cups for any outside dining.  If you have extra sealed unopened non-perishable food you can leave in kitchen cupboards for future guests.  Please donate any extra extra food/drink that you can not take with you to Union Gospel Mission in Downtown Sioux Falls.    

Common Areas: Common areas are for all guests to enjoy. Please keep common areas clean and free of personal items. These areas are shared with all guests on property. Most lights in common areas are all on motion sensors and do not need to be turned on or off. They will automatically turn on/off on their own. These areas include 2nd/3rd floor hallways, 2nd/3rd floor bathrooms, stairwells, entryway, parlor, dining room, kitchen, porch, and patio. Lamp on second floor at top of stairs is automatically controlled to provide light to stairwell so please do not turn it off.  If you do turn on any lamps in the parlor please turn them off when finished. The first floor and outside areas maybe occasionally be rented out for weddings, showers, reunions, meetings, and other events. Common area event guests will have access to use second floor common area bathrooms.

Porch/Patio:   Enjoy the patio and wrap around porch which includes tables, chairs, water feature, and outdoor fireplace.  Please respect neighbors and other guests by keeping it down during quiet hours. Please do not open or unlock the door to the North Patio from the Parlor or the South Patio from the Dining Room they are both to remain closed at all times. No smoking/vaping allowed on wrap around porch.  Smoking is only allowed on South Patio. 

Breakfast: We highly suggest trying breakfast at Josiah's, MB Haskett, or Phillip's Ave Dinner they are all great and located in Downtown Sioux Falls on or just off Phillip's Ave between 12th and 6th Street. Be sure to tell the owners and staff that you are staying at The Historic Victorian Inn on Duluth.

Restaurants/Bars: Head to Downtown Sioux Falls along Phillip's Ave and Main Ave between 12th and 6th Streets to enjoy great bars, restaurants, wineries, microbreweries, ice cream, desserts and more. Venture across the Sioux River by heading East at 8th Street/ Phillips Ave to enjoy the Riverwalk and East Bank areas.

Transportion: Sioux Falls offers Lyft, Uber, Taxi, Downtown Trolley, & Bus Services. 

Entertainment: Checkout Pettigrew Museum, Siouxland Heritage Museum, Washington Pavilion, Orpheum Theatre, Levitt Bandshell, Sculpture Walk, Historical Neighborhood Tours, Great Plains Zoo, McKennan Park, Japanese Gardens, Bike Trails, St Joseph's Cathedral,  and of course our city's namesake Falls Park.

Laundry Facilities: Washer/Dryer available in just off kitchen near back door. Please keep back door and kitchen doors closed and locked. Contact owner if you have any questions. 

Garbage/Recycling:  Garbage is picked up every Thursday.  Recycling is picked up every other Thursday. All recycling goes in one bin together.  Yard Waste, If applicable to your property, is picked up every Thursday Spring through Fall.  Bins are located behind the property. You do not need to move bins they will be picked up in place.

House Rules:  No smoking.  No pets.  No parties.  No theft. No damages. Please respect privacy other guests and neighbors. Keep personal items in your room and all common areas clean. Keep the outside doors/windows and suite/room doors locked at all times. Quiet Hours 9:00PM to 9:00AM daily.  If rules are broken, neighbors complain, other guests complain, police/fire dispatched, you could be subject to immediate eviction plus financial and legal penalties.  Breaking rules could result in loss of deposit, additional cleaning fees, replacement/repair cost, loss of full cost of reservation, property theft, and reimbursement of owners legal fees.

No Smoking: No smoking/vaping of any kind is allowed inside property, on wrap around porch, on back porch, on side porch, on walkways, or within 20 feet of the property.  The only authorized smoking area is outside on the South Patio in areas fully covered by pavers.  All cigar, cigerette, or waste should go directly into the fire pit on the South Patio.

Fireplace/Firepit: Indoor fireplace is decorative only and should not be used.  You are welcome to use the outdoor firepit located on the South patio. Wood is not provided but mature trees in our neighborhood drop a lot of branches which you are welcome to use.  If you start a fire you are fully responsible for that fire and any result of that fire.  You must fully extinguish the fire before you leave the patio.  Fires are prohibited in dry or windy weather in addition to days where bans are in place due to local or state ordinance/laws. Before starting fire make sure you have identified and tested  operational  exterior water source and hose to use to put fire out when finished and in case of emergency.

Cold/Flu/Covid 19:  All guests will be expected to follow current CDC guidelines.  Guests are welcome to wear masks in the common areas to protect yourself and others.  All lighting in the common areas is motion controlled; therefore, guests should not need to touch common area light switches.  Please make sure to wash and sanitize any dishes before and after use for your safety.  

Guest Details:   We would like to have all adults 18 or over listed as guests that will be staying in the property.  If you booked on behalf of someone else, please respond with the name and contact numbers of all the guests in case of emergency.  Once we receive this information we will send door and WiFi codes. 



Check Out Instructions


We hope you are enjoying your stay. Please let us know if you would like to extend your stay or need a late check out. We will do our best to accommodate your request pending room and cleaning staff availability. Checkout is at 11:00am on your final day. Late checkout before 2:00pm will be billed as a half day and after 2:00pm a full day. We need to prepare for new guests by 5:00pm. Please perform the following steps prior to checkout:

1) Used Linens: Please put all towels, hand towels, and wash cloths that were used during stay in a pile on shower/tub floor. If you are staying in a room with a shared bath please leave towels in your room.  Please do not remake bed or pull sheets.

2) Trash, Recycling, Food, & Drinks: Please throw away or take with you any opened perishable food or drinks that you brought with you. Garbage and recycling in kitchen cabinet closest to desk.  If too full please put garbage and recycling in appropriate bins in back alley near parking lot. Garbage bags are under the sink.  Any sealed and unopened non-perishable food can be left for future guests in the kitchen. Please take any opened or unopened alcohol with you and do not leave at property.

3) Dishes:  Any dishes taken from kitchen should be returned to kitchen. Put all dishes used during your stay in dishwasher and start load if you are the last one to leave. Wine glasses, China, and crystal need to be washed by hand and should not be placed in dishwasher. Any glasses or cups from your room that were used during your stay should also be brought down to kitchen.

4) TV Remote:  Place Roku TV remote on the table near the TV where it is easy for our cleaner to find.

5) Straighten Up:  Please try to straighten up and leave things the way you found them in your room and within the common areas.

6) Turn Lights & Water Off: Make sure lights, showers, and water faucets are off in your room. Main lights in common area will shut off automatically. If you turned any lamps on in parlor they will need to be turned off.  The lamp in the second floor hallway by the chair is also automatic please do not turn it off.

7) Turn Appliances Off: Please check the oven, stove, microwave, coffee maker, and fireplace are turned off. Please check refrigerator and freezer doors are firmly closed.

8) Close/Lock All Windows & Doors:  Make sure to check your room door and all outside doors/windows are firmly closed and locked. 

9) Check for Your Items:  Check one last time for your items. Don't forget to check under the bed, on your bed stand, outlets for phone chargers, and personal items in bathroom.

10) Message us When You Leave:  Please send a message to let us know when you have checked out so that we can alert cleaning staff to prepare property for our next guests.

11) Safe Travels:  Then most importantly have a great day, a safe trip home, and come again soon.